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Now is the time to start planning for your school holiday road trip.

With COVID-19 restrictions gradually easing in most states across the country, school holidays is a great time to get out and explore your local area and what better way to do that than by packing up your family and hitting the open road.

So here are our ten tips to ensure your next road trip goes smoothly.

1. Plan the journey

The best part of any road trip is working out your eventual destination; but don’t just focus on Point A to B, think about the getting there and the sights to see along the way. If you plan to drive a distance, make the distance realistic - planning to drive for 20 hours a day isn’t anyone’s idea of a holiday and not the best idea for safety on the road so stagger your trip to ensure no one suffers car and passenger fatigue.

2. Give your car the once over

You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparation so before you head out on your trip check your car over, either yourself or by your mechanic. If doing it yourself, have a look under the bonnet to check the basic things like the oil and fluid levels, make sure your lights all work and even check your tyres to ensure they have enough tread. You can also make sure you have things like jumper cables and a spare tyre that are in good working order on hand.

3. Check that your car insurance is up to date

Before you hit the road it’s a good idea to take a look at your current vehicle policy. Take a look at what extras your policy covers such as features like towing or covering the cost of a hire car after an incident so that your trip isn’t derailed if something does go wrong. People's Choice offers flexible cover and value for money Car Insurance hereAlternatively, you can speak to us on 13 11 82 or visit your nearest branch.

4. A good road trip starts with a clean car

Give it a wash on the outside, empty out the inside so you don’t have to move rubbish out of the way while you’re on the road and give the interior a wipe down so it sparkles. It’s a small space so give it a clean to make it somewhere you’re happy to spend a bit of time.

5. Prepare a great soundtrack

Tunes can make or break a great road trip so take the time to curate a great playlist complete with everyone’s favourite songs. Make sure you’re ready to rock and roll with the right cables to connect to your car’s sound system or kick it old school with CDs or even tapes!

6. Pack an emergency kit

The Boy Scout motto rings true when you’re hitting the road because if you break down you will want to be prepared. Put together a little kit which you can keep under the passenger seat complete with a small first-aid kit, water, non-perishable food and maybe even a small stash of cash. In your glove box make sure you have all the details of your car insurance and roadside assistance on hand, including things like policy number contact numbers, and member number.

7. Pack a good supply of road trip snacks

Snacks are a staple of any road trip so spend a bit of time preparing the menu and packing it into an esky or a cooler bag to keep them fresh. Better yet, indulge in the local cuisine! If you see a bakery is touting the best vanilla slice in Australia, you better make sure you get on that taste test and give your verdict.

8. Pack it up

If you’re planning to beat the traffic by hitting the road early, pack your car the night before. This will mean you can pack carefully and orderly - plus you’re less likely to forget something as you won’t be rushing around.

9. Break it up

The most important part of any road trip is to rest or swap drivers every two hours. There are loads of driver reviver rest stops all over Australia and at busy times like Easter, many of these stops are manned by friendly volunteers offering you a cuppa, a biccy and a chat.

10. Games time

Road trip games are a great way to pass the time and also to help the driver stay alert. From eye spy for little ones to pub quiz trivia for the big ones, look up a few fun games that will help keep the whole car entertained as you cover the Ks.

Are you thinking of upgrading your vehicle to make your next road trip the best it can be? If you are looking for a little help to get behind the wheel our Discounted Personal Loan (Car Loan)  might be just for you!


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