What information do I need?

As part of assisting you through this difficult time, we may need further information from you to understand your financial position and to provide the most appropriate assistance for your circumstances.

We may ask you to provide documentation such as:

  • Statement of financial position

    Summarising your current income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. Download form (DOC, 351KB).

  • A medical certificate

    This may need to be provided

  • A copy of recent council rates

    And building insurance

  • Details of wages and other types of income received

    Payslips, Centrelink statement, tenancy agreement or account statements confirming the amounts received

  • Bank statements

    These may need to be provided
  • Sales agency agreement / contract of sale

  • Other supporting documents

    As required

We can also provide you with details of financial counselling service providers who can assist you with a range of services relating to your personal finances.

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