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Moving house can be stressful, but not when you have our moving house checklist to guide you through the moving process and keep you on track for the big day. 

Three-four weeks before moving

    • Collect packing materials (e.g. boxes, bubble wrap, butcher's paper)
    • Start packing early
    • Book a removalist or moving truck
    • Get rid of unwanted items (try a garage sale, online marketplace or organise a rubbish pick up)
    • Arrange to disconnect and reconnect your utilities (e.g. electricity, water, gas)
    • Organise your home and contents insurance

One-two weeks before moving

    • Redirect your mail (try Australia Post)
    • Book a technician to set up your internet
    • Change your address (e.g. electoral office, driver's licence, car registration)
    • Organise cleaners for both your current and new home
    • Book a locksmith to change your locks on moving day
    • Use up the food in your fridge and freezer
    • Ask some friends to help you move
    • Organise for pets and/or children to be looked after on the day if required

Two days before moving

    • Pack a box of essentials for moving day (e.g. toiletries, medications)
    • Arrange a time to collect your new keys from the real estate agent
    • Disassemble furniture

Moving day

    • Turn off hot water
    • Check you haven't left anything behind
    • Pack moving truck with most important items/boxes at the front to be unpacked first
    • Set up the furniture
    • Celebrate, organise the first meal you'll have in your new home!

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